PXC Fight Fans are “SEEING RED!”

Red Dela Cruz is now officially a PXC Ring Girl!

Red Dela Cruz, or simply Red, is now PXC's Newest Ring Girl, joining the elite stable headlined by Abby Poblador.

On May 18, Asia-Pacific’s fastest growing mixed martial arts promotion, Pacific X-treme Combat (PXC), rocks Manila once again as it presents PXC-37, where the best of the best as well as rising MMA fighters from the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Brazil pit brains and brawn against each other for PXC  glory.

PXC events are all about entertainment...not only offering great MMA action, but much more. In between the blistering rounds are the equally exciting spectacle of PXC round girls parading their own dangerous curves and enchanting faces. Bannered by the luscious Abby Poblador, PXC’s ring girls are stars in their own rights, and to be one is a coveted position.

Just recently, one girl joined the roster of these sexy ladies. Her name is Rovilyn “Red” Dela Cruz, 20 years old and hails from Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City, Philippines. With a svelte 33-24-33 figure, Red has been Premiere’s TOP Vixen and now elevates herself by being a PXC ring girl. For those who want to know her more, here she is, in her own words:

What's the reason behind the screen name?

Red means HOT and it just seem to go well with Dela Cruz.

What do you think makes you sexy?

T.A.A! (Tits, ABS and ASS!) Joke! Hehehe. But at heart I am still just a simple girl with enough confidence to be sexy without being over the top.

What's the sexiest part of your body?

Going by the comments on Facebook, I would have to say my ABS!

How do you maintain such a slim figure?

Hard work, of course! Haha! My steps: 

1. Diet – I’m not super-strict, I eat clean, no carbs at night and cut down the rice during the day. But every Sunday is a cheat day where I eat whatever I like.

2. Cardio – At least 3 times a week. For me I like treadmill and dance plus I have just bought a bike now that I have moved to the Fort where there are plenty of places to ride. I might even get some roller blades.

3. Gym and Weight Training - At least 3 times a week; includes a killer ABS workout.

4. Discipline - Never ever give up!

What was it like being a Premier Ring Girl?

Hhmm… Interesting! To be honest [it was] great fun, great people and great crowd!

How do you feel now that you have become one of the official PXC Ring Girls?

I am very excited and so blessed. I mean out of all the girls in Manila, PXC picks me! I feel so honored and humbled.

How do you feel about the prospect of working with Abby Poblador?

The best! She is such a nice and kind girl. Easy to work with and so professional. PXC fans just love her. To be honest she has been one of my idols for a while now.

What's the best part of being a Ring Girl?

The crowd and the fans! It’s just a great feeling walking around that ring with people cheering. And, of course, working with all of the crew at PXC. They are so cool!

Do you enjoy watching PXC fights?

You know, at first, I really didn't understand it. Now I see just how super-fit and tough the guys are. I am now really impressed. I mean, some of the submission holds are just amazing to see. And the way the crowd gets in to every fight makes it a really exciting event!

Do you have a favorite PXC fighter? Who do you think is the most attractive fighter? What attracts you to him?

I like the look of this Japanese guy in PXC 37, Michinori [Tanaka]. He looks tough and also handsome.

What is your ideal boyfriend?

A guy who understand the real me. A guy who is always supportive and by my side, but never a control freak but let's me be myself. And of course, handsome!

Would you consider yourself a good girlfriend?

Well, my previous boyfriends had no complaint! Seriously when I am in love with a guy I am 100% loyal to him.

Your message to all PXC fans.

I am really excited to be an official PXC Ring Girl. Looking forward to PXC-37, it's going to be one of the greatest nights of my life and I look forward to seeing you all there. Thanks, PXC!

PXC-37 is presented by San Mig Strong Ice and Sports 5. With special thanks to Axe Apollo, Fitness First, FHM Philippines, FHM.com.ph, Premiere Condoms, Healthway Agility Phil, Beer Below Zero, Real Sports Radio, Loqal.ph, Filquest Media Concepts, Spin.ph, Ultimate Fitness in Metro Walk, Hayabusa, Republiq Club, Resorts World Manila, Remingon Hotel, SM Tickets, TicketWorld and TicketNet.

For more information on PXC, check out www.pxc.com.ph or www.facebook.com/pxcmma. Tickets now available at SM Tickets, TicketWorld and TicketNet!

"I am very excited and so blessed. I mean out of all the girls in Manila, PXC picks me! I feel so honored and humbled." Red Dela Cruz
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