PXC-37 to unveil Brazilian wonder

Undefeated Wesley Machado goes head-to-head with top Singaporean MMA fighter

Tall and lanky Wesley Machado of Brazil stakes his undefeated record against tough and dangerous Syafiq Abdul Samad of Singapore in a battle of PXC newcomers.

Followers of Asia-Pacific’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion, Pacific X-Treme Combat, are in for a big treat as PXC-37 unveils recently discovered Brazilian wonder, Wesley Machado, in a lightweight bout against another PXC newcomer, Syafiq Abdul Samad, touted to be one of the best MMA fighters from Singapore.

Standing tall at six-foot-one and a firm disciple of Muay Thai and Jiu jitsu, the 28-year-old Machado is a virtual newcomer in the sport, having just three professional fights under his belt, all of them wins nonetheless. So new in fact, that he has yet to earn a fighting name. This 100% Brazilian, whose height and good looks could easily pass him off for a fashion model, tried amateur boxing first in his hometown before making the easy switch to MMA that he has seen as “something I can easily learn.” And learn he did. He says he may not have the experience yet, but that he has enough trust in himself to win, and in his long and powerful legs that Muay Thai allows him to make full use of.

Looking up to his MMA idols Jose Aldo and Lyoto Machida, Machado regards a submission win to be the most satisfying to him, as it is the result of skills, effort, preparedness and mental toughness. As for his opponent inside the octagon, he thinks of him as a partner in the sport. “I’m giving myself to him and he’s giving his self to me. And we respect each other,” he says.

Whenever he enters the ring, Machado has only one thing in mind: “I will do my best to give a good fight. And that I need to figure out how to beat my opponent."

Asked about his thoughts on making his debut on Philippine MMA, Machado says he is excited about the whole thing. “I’ve heard a lot about the PXC as a great organization, and it’s a great opportunity for me. I feel that it could really be something that could open the door for me for more opportunities.”

PXC-37 is slated this May 18 at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City, and Machado cannot wait to make a good accounting of himself in his PXC debut. “I hope everybody has fun when I step on the ring,” he says.

If he does score win number 4 and in such an impressive fashion, we may have found the perfect fighting name for this Brazilian warrior: Wesley “The Wonder” Machado.

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"I’ve heard a lot about the PXC as a great organization, and it’s a great opportunity for me. I feel that it could really be something that could open the door for me for more opportunities." Wesley Machado
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